First let me tell you more about me: I was born and raised in a small village in South Romania and now I am living and working in a big fast-paced city in eastern China. I always had bad, sometimes terrifying nightmares but there were never as often as this year. All the anxiety of being away from home for more than 3 years pilled up and I just couldn’t handle no more.

Everything started with a tiktok video that said “which crystals are you attracted to the most”. For me labradorite and amethyst were love at first sight. I thought they were beautiful creations of mother nature and not knowing much about them I decided to purchase them.

But that made me start looking into crystals and reading books about them. Then I’ve realized my favorite crystals were EXACTLY what I need the most.

Why am I saying this? Let’s look up the definitions for these two healing crystals:


“Amethyst is a form of quartz. (......) Many use the stone for other

issues as well, such as transmuting negativity or assisting with insomnia and

dreams, making this a valuable all-purpose stone.”

(......)Labradorite goes to the core of a matter and brings up suppressed issues for resolution (for which other crystals may be needed). It banishes fear, especially fear caused by a subconscious memory of having suffered in past lives because you were psychic.”


Most of my nightmares were problems from my daily life that I used to ignore and would come up to me at night in the form of terrible nightmares. That’s why Amethyst and Labradorite worked wonders for me. Labradorite helped banishing my inner fears and during day time helped me solve my issues and Amethyst helped transmuting the negativity and fighting against my nightmares.

I am very happy to say I didn’t have any nightmares after wearing these stones sleeping and although I had 1-2 dreams that were about unsolved issues I didn’t feel any fear and I could have a good night sleep.


Now I feel well, clear minded, safe. Really grateful I was blessed to come upon these two crystals. They changed the quality of my sleep and life.

I guess I won’t be able to write any horror scripts no more. But that’s a price I’m willing to take anyway.


Written with reference to:

1) Karen Frazier in “Crystals for Beginners” 2017

2) Judy Hall “101 Power Crystals” 2011


Post written by Andreea, uploaded by Rhys.

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