Our Insurance Policy

Crescent Cast is pleased to introduce our comprehensive Product Protection Plan, designed to offer an extra layer of security for your valued investments. This expanded insurance policy can be conveniently included during your order's checkout process. We invite you to review the terms, conditions, and scope of our coverage detailed in this document for a thorough understanding of our policy offerings.

I. Coverage Details

1.1 Scope of Coverage
Our policy, provided that a clear unboxing video is submitted, covers damages to Crescent Cast product orders. These damages may encompass minor and major chips, unnatural cracks or breaks impacting any or all items in your order. Additionally, the policy includes coverage for the loss of product orders prior to their transfer to local courier and logistics service providers at the destination country.

1.2 Exclusions

1.2.1 Natural Defects, Minor Blemishes, and Negligence
The policy does not extend to natural defects or blemishes inherent in the product materials, damage acknowledged and accepted by the buyer at the point of purchase, damage arising from unforeseen events such as natural disasters, riots, or governmental actions etc., and damage occurring post-delivery due to improper unpacking or handling.

1.2.2 Loss by Third-Party Logistics Service Providers
Our products are distributed globally via reliable third-party logistics companies. In the case of product loss while marked "in transit," we undertake to determine the status of your order and liaise with the logistics company to find a resolution. Please note that Crescent Cast is not liable for missing, stolen, or misdelivered packages once they are marked "Delivered" by the courier. In such cases, we advise you to promptly contact your local courier's customer service with your tracking number.

1.3 Coverage Options
We offer tiered coverage options based on the value of your order:

  1. Express shipping + Insurance Up to $60, priced at $3.99 (6.65% premium)
  2. Express shipping + Insurance Up to $100, priced at $7.99 (7.99% premium)
  3. Express shipping + Insurance Up to $150, priced at $11.99 (7.99% premium)
  4. Express shipping + Insurance Up to $250, priced at $19.99 (7.99% premium)
  5. Express shipping + Insurance Up to $500, priced at $39.99 (7.99% premium)

Simply select the option that corresponds to your order value during the checkout procedure.

II. Claim Process

2.1 Filing a Claim
To file a claim, please email service@crescentcast.com with your order number, any prior claim details with relevant documents, and a comprehensive description of the claim, including damaged item details and the unboxing video. For orders lost in transit, an email providing a brief account of the situation and your order number will suffice.

2.2 Claim Evaluation
We continue to commit to acknowledging claims within seven days of receipt and aim to complete evaluations within fourteen business days.

2.3 Claim Resolution
For approved claims, we offer gift cards equivalent to the value of the damaged or lost items, subject to policy limits. Customers with approved claims for significant damage evaluated by Crescent Cast to be in excess of $500 value may choose to receive a cash refund.

III. Pricing and Payment

The insurance premium is payable at the point of purchase. The cost of the insurance premium depends on the coverage option you select during the checkout process. Simply select the option that corresponds to your order value during the checkout procedure.
If you do not require insurance on your order, you may opt for the standard express shipping and will not be charged for insurance.

IV. Policy Changes

Crescent Cast reserves the right to amend this insurance policy. Significant changes will be announced on our website, crescentcast.com. Check this page frequently to ensure you are up to date with the current state of our policy.

V. Contact Us

For further inquiries or additional information regarding this product insurance policy, please contact us at service@crescentcast.com.