The Crescent Cast Crystals Guide

A comprehensive guide about many of the crystals you may have received in your order. Connect with the earth and harness natural energy with our complimentary guide.

Inside this Guide

Learn everything you need to know about different types of crystals, including how to cleanse them, and use them in your everyday life.

Discover the Right Crystal for You

Our comprehensive guide provides information about different crystals and their properties, that can help you find the perfect stone for your needs.

Get the most out of your Crystals

If you purchased crystals from our store or during our livestream, our guide is a great starting point to learn about all the assorted crystals being delivered with your order.

Cleanse your Crystals - The Proper Way

If you're looking to cleanse your crystals and rid them of any negative energy, our guide is a great starting point.

A Look Inside

More than 100 pages of most of the crystals out there. Become a crystal expert. Collect them all.

About the Author

Amy is Crescent Cast's official livestreamer. She does livestreams almost every day where she talks about crystals and engages with our community. You can learn more about her crystals shows by visiting this link.


Amy is a former teacher and taught in both Michigan and Missouri. She most recently retired from education as a school librarian after 30+ years of teaching. Her current favorite crystal is labradorite.

One Guide for All your Devices

Our comprehensive guide is now available for multiple devices including: desktop computer, tablets and mobile phones.

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