Creativity and inspiration are both fueled by our sacral and throat chakra. When these two energy centers are in balance and work together, it can really bring your creative powers to a higher level.

Here is a list of a few healing crystals that we recommend to help you boost your creativity and inspiration:

1. Citrine

Citrine acts like a magnet for manifestation, creativity, self-esteem and self-image. Citrine carries the power of the Sun, it’s warm and peaceful, energizing and life giving. Is the stone of life and happiness and it attracts wealth and prosperity, success and many other good things.

Citrine will encourage generosity and the sharing of luck. It’s a charm stone for luck and unlocking your inner strength.

To attract prosperity, place citrine in the back corner of your home. If you run a business place citrine in your cash register. If you tend to procrastinate or are hampered by toxic expectations, Citrine helps you let go of doubt, guilt, fear, or self-pity. It teaches you that what your mind conceives, it achieves.

With Citrine in your pocket, you can fulfill your dreams because you recognize that the universe and your soul want you to succeed. This crystal encourages you to be grateful for the small joys of everyday life, sharing life’s bounty and taking pleasure in giving. (Note: Citrine is one of the few self-cleaning crystals, it still benefits from regular purification.). Learn more about crystal cleansing here.

2. Aragonite

Aragonite offers emotional healing and balances energies. Helps tone down feelings of anger, stress and emotional fatigue.

The usage of argonite might even help you learn more about your past life while also helping you remember details long forgotten about your present life.

All the memories you might experience are perhaps hurtful but that is the first step to take for healing and freedom. Aragonite will intensify self confidence and will help you value yourself more. Aragonite also brings patience when you need that the most.

3. Carnelian

Need extra confidence? Carnelian is the crystal to use to boost your confidence, strengthen inner self and increase passion.

Carnelian is a stabilizing stone that gives vitality, motivation and creativity to the carrier. Gives courage, promotes positive life choices and brings you on the right track towards success. Known as a stone of courage, resistance and leadership, Carnelian protected and inspired people all along history. It’s also useful against any kind of abuses. Helps with self confidence and helps with seeing the real you.

Traditionally, carnelian has also been used to help vocalists and public speakers by bringing strength and power to the voice.

Boost your energy by wearing this crystal when you work out, or keep a piece at your desk at work to help maintain energy throughout the day. Since carnelian boosts energy, you probably don’t want to keep it near your bed.

4. Tigers Eye

Tigers eye is a protective stone that can also bring luck to its user. Moreover, it will help you concentrate more, have a clear mind and to solve problems in an objective manner uninfluenced by emotions while also relieve anxiety and fear.

Tigers eye will help to achieve even the most profound desires. Also will help sustaining the creative energy. Tigers eye energy is powerful and dynamic. Although tigers eye is mostly known as a yellow/brown stone, there are also blue tigers eye and red tigers eye.

Avoid working with unpolished tigers eye, which contains asbestos. Polished tigers eye removes any threat from asbestos, but for safety, wash your hands after handling it.

5. Amazonite

Amazonite is known as the Stone of Truth and the Stone of Courage. Its blue-green color aligns it with both the heart and the throat chakras. With shades reminiscent of the ocean, it promotes tranquility and peace.

Amazonite gives power, self worth, helps with self care self discovery, self consciousness and the capacity of embracing your own integrity and truth. This calming stone will help calming the brain and the nervous system and helps concentrate anger in a positive manner against being mistreated or misunderstood.

It balances masculine and feminine energies. Amazonite helps see both sides of a problem or other view points. Calms emotional trauma, and helps you fight against fear and worries.Wear amazonite as a necklace or bracelet the next time you have a stressful day coming up.

6. Sodalite

The calming energy of the sodalite will help you concentrate and retain information, making it a useful crystal for students, professors, writers, therapists and researchers. It encourages rational thinking, objectivity, truth and intuition, together with the verbalization of sentiments. Sodalite also brings emotional balance and calms panic attacks. Improves self esteem and self confidence.

Sodalite is a natural amplifier that can help enhance energies you desire in your life. It can also help you balance energies if you have too much of one type and not enough of others. Sodalite is an effective crystal if you are experiencing mood swings. Carry it with you or wear it as jewelry to help balance emotions.

7. Kyanite

Kyanite is one of the few minerals on the planet that does not accumulate or retain negative energy and, therefore, never needs cleansing. Blue Kyanite is a crystal with high vibrations, which makes it an excellent stone for public speakers and artists. Kyanite encourages telling the truth while clearing fears and energy blockages. This is a stone of compassion, justice and righteousness, it promotes the change of blocked types and the resolution of conflicts.

Kyanite has a calming effect on the whole body, bringing peace. Encourages psychic skills and communication at all levels.While blue is the most common color of kyanite, it also comes in yellow, green, black, and orange.

All colors of kyanite, between any two crystals to help facilitate movement of one energy to the other. Use kyanite between other crystals in a grid to facilitate energy flow from one crystal to the next.

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